[Samba] smbclient thinks passwordless account is anonymous

John Tyner jtyner at cs.ucr.edu
Thu Dec 26 19:45:01 GMT 2002

I want to use a passwordless account on my windows box to connect to 
from my linux box.

When I do a smbclient "" -L host -U name, smbclient always prints 
"Anonymous login successful" even though I supplied a username. If I 
supply a password on the command line instead, then I don't get the 
Anonymous login message. Neither way works since the account actually 
doesn't have a password, but if I set a password and use it with 
smbclient then everything works as expected.

It seems that if you don't supply smbclient with a password, then it 
assumes anonymous login regardless of whether or not the -U option was 
given. Is this the intended behavior or a bug?


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