[Samba] Multiple Profiles

Owens, Bob bowens at navtech.com
Thu Dec 26 13:51:01 GMT 2002

Could have all of them roaming but set up the monitory profile you want and
cp that profile to the 50 with the .man extension and leave the other 5

Look into to http://www.kixtart.org/ that may help.

Some things you can use are...
%Homedrive%: The drive letter of the local workstation. 
%Homepath%: The user's home directory path. 
%Homeshare%: The share name of the user's home directory. 
%Os%: The workstation operating system. 
%Processor_architecture%: The Processor type (e.g., x86) 
%Processor_level%: The processor lever of the workstation (3, 4 or 5 for an
%Userdomain%: The user's Domain. 
%Username%: The user name. 

Once you've created your logon script, copy it to your [NETLOGON] shared
directory outlined in your smb.conf.

Example of a script you could try.

@echo on
if "%username%" == "jspive" goto start
if "%username%" == "jspive2" goto start
50 user commands
title my 5 users
5 user commands

let us know how it tuns out,

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We running multiple profiles, i want 5 of my users to run roaming profiles
50 other users to run mandatory is it possible in samba?  i can't seem to 
figure out how to push the logon path for the group of 50 users to be 
\\server\mygroup and my 5 users logon path will be \\server\%u

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