[Samba] Win9x clients not 'seeing' each other

Carlos Oliva G. carlos.oliva at igloo.cl
Thu Dec 26 09:04:01 GMT 2002

Hi there,

I have a somewhat wide experience with samba. I've succesfully installed
it as a client as well as a PDC on Windows networks.

The last time, however, there has been an issue with the win9x stations.
I've setup the Samba server over Linux to act as a PDC for the domain. I
use dhcp to assign the network configuration to the hosts, and the only
protocol installed on them is TCP/IP. The machines can succesfully logi
into the samba server, they execute the logon script and I can access
all the shares. However, when I try to browse the 'networking
neighborhood', all that I see is the samba server. I cannot even see the
same machine I'm working from. If I do a search trying to look up a
machine name, it will find it right away and I am able to browse through
it, but again it is not visible under network neighborhood.

I have not been able to resolve this problem since it's the first time
it shows up on me, is there any way for the win9x (all the stations are
win98) machines to 'announce' themselves on the PDC and force it to be a
WINS server for the rest of the network? If so, is there any way to do
this as transparent as possible for the clientes (ie. by the means of
dhcp) so little to no extra configuration is needed?

Best regards and happy holidays,

Carlos Oliva G.
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