[Samba] Trouble installing samba

Michael sadlmic at iit.edu
Wed Dec 25 20:22:01 GMT 2002

Actuallly I am starting to think that this is a distro problem.  I am
using Mandrake 9.0 on an x86 machine 300 Mhz.  When I first downloaded
mandrake 9.0 I only burned the first disk, cause I only had one CD R
available.  I am going to go back and download the other disk and also
the supllementary disk, hopefully this will solve the problem.  I don't
even think I have all of the neccesary compilers, source and header
files (good thing my major is CS or I would have know idea what I was
talking about 6 months ago!) 

Any how, thanks for the advice, I know this is out of the range of this
email group but if anyone can help me getting mandrake (or if there is
another distro that is better for newbies, then by all means I am up for
suggestions) you ca reach me at this email (msadler at iit.edu)

Thanx Agian!
Michael S.

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