[Samba] large file handling problems in 2.2.7a

Carey Jung carey at itfreedom.com
Tue Dec 24 18:39:01 GMT 2002


The release notes say 2.2.7a fixes some large file handling problems in
smbclient, but I think not all.  I'm seeing the following problems still:

- large files in mounted filesystems (smbmount) report incorrect file sizes
with Unix 'ls' and hence copy incompletely from an smbfs filesystem to an
ext3 filesystem.

- although an smbclient 'ls' command lists the size of a large file
properly, if I run 'smbclient -Tc' to create a tarball from such a share,
only the first N bytes of a large file in the share get stuffed in the
tarball, where N is (I think) the incorrectly reported size, e.g., reported
in the first example.

The large file I'm dealing with is about a 17GB Exchange database on a W2K
server, but I suspect anything over 2GB will exhibit similar errors.  I'm
running RH7.3.

Can anybody else confirm these errors?


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