[Samba] Microsoft asp web pages

Ken Cobler kcobler at coblercorp.com
Tue Dec 24 17:50:01 GMT 2002


I realize this might not be the most appropriate group to mention this,
but, I thought I would start here.

I've noticed that web pages (actually ASP pages) served by Microsoft web
servers (i.e, www.microsoft.com), will not generate the same size font
or text spacing for non-Internet Explorer web browsers.

If you go to www.microsoft.com with Netscape, the font size is small and
hard to read.  Yet, if you go to the same web site with Internet
Explorer, the web site renders with larger, easier to read text.

I realize each browser has its own characteristics, however, I think
this is being done on purpose to move people off of Netscape and on to
Internet Explorer (and Microsoft products such as IIS).

I would like to know if any others have seen this issue ?

Is this another attempt at Microsoft to thwart competition by making
their web servers generate different fonts, etc for non-Microsoft
browsers ?  Or am I missing something completely with Netscape ?

Ken Cobler

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