[Samba] Method for joining machines to PDC without using root

___cliff rayman___ cliff at genwax.com
Tue Dec 24 02:21:01 GMT 2002

currently, in order to join a win XP machine to a samba PDC, you
have to use the root account (although you can use an smbpasswd
and not the linux password).  is there any way to set up another
account to do this one particular task (one without uid=0)?.
 if we have users in remote places, i do not want to have to go over
 to their work station just to log them on the the domain.  alsoi don't 
want to
give them a login and password that could compromise the system
 the samba is running on (linux).

i think the answer is no from some of the information i found
by googling, but i wanted to verify the answer here.

my only other option would be to issue a:
smbpasswd root

make a temporary password, talk someone into joining
a domain on the phone, immediately change the password
back so it is secure.

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