[Samba] SAMBA 2.2.7a and Windows XP

Tobias Sjodin fisk at enquilon.lir.dk
Tue Dec 24 00:23:00 GMT 2002

I've been having these really annoying issues ever since I started to 
configure SAMBA with Windows XP. As it seems the XP-machine detects the 
SAMBA-share on occasions, and even manages to connect to it; but only for a 
while. I have found no clue whatsoever why it connects only "sometimes".

It seems that when the Windows XP machine is just booted, it normally gets 
access to the Linux-machine, but after just a while it looses the access.

I'm also running a Windows 98SE-machine on the very same network, however the 
connection between Linux <---> Windows98SE seems to be flawless. It detects, 
browses, downloads, etc. without the slightest problem.

To go back to the issue, I'm on a 10Mbit Broadband connection, and my IP is 
assigned by DHCP, I'm always on the same C-net.

Locally the network runs at 100Mbit... (switched), and here's what's strange. 
WHEN I run regular TCP-transfers to the Linux system (such as FTP, etc.) ; 
the transferrate is relevant to that of a 10Mbit connection (it seems as it 
goes "outside" the LAN, and connects that way. _BUT_ when I get 'connected' 
on SAMBA, it accelerates and behaves like a 100Mbit network. As I said, these 
occasions occur erratically; so I cannot really find a common denominator. 
Sometimes it happens just when I transfer the very "last" of the files (over 

My first conclusion is that there's something wrong with the Windows XP 
configuration, but I seem to have tried most of the "logical solutions"... 
I've switched off NetBIOS, NetBEUI, (and ON, in all combinations), but it 
doesn't seem to do anything but either limit the percentage to 0 (zero) when 
I manage to connect.

I've also tried using: \\samba.host.ext\  ; and that doesn't work (I suppose 
it has to do with my ISP has blocked port 139, to prevent people from 
accessing eachothers  shares across apartments) 

I've tried to remove the external TP-connection, but to no avail. I really 
believe that it has to do with Windows XP.

Someone told me it had to do with LmCompatibilityLevel... but I cannot draw 
any conclusions there either.

I've really tried to find a solution, but I just can't do it. I really need 
some help here =(

fisk at enquilon.lir.dk <for direct e-mail>

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