[Samba] xp problem

pippo at bellnet.ca pippo at bellnet.ca
Mon Dec 23 17:08:32 GMT 2002

At 08:27 PM 12/21/2002 +0000, you wrote:
>We will need more information than this to help you. Please explain in
>detail what happens when you try to access the WinXP machine from Win2K
>and vica versa.
>You need to explain how your samba is configured as well as how the
>Win2K/XP systems are configured. Without this information we would be jst
>guessing - not very productive.

Sorry, but I don't quite understand. I thought I had explained my setup 
fairly concisely. The Win2k and XP boxes are configured for workgroup file 
and printer sharing. There is no domain or domain server.
FBSD is running samba as a file and printer server. I can only see the XP 
machine in My Network Places and the samba connection to the FBSD machine.
When FBSD is running, I can connect from the XP machine both for file and 
printer access. When I try to connect to one of the other computers in the 
workgroup, I get the message: the path could not be found.

Perhaps I am not clear enough: Before installing XP_Pro, I was able to see 
and connect between Win2K machines as well as the FBSD both for file 
shareing and printing. After installing XP, I can ping between the 
machines, I can map to the shares, I can print from the XP but I can no 
longer see the machines in the WORKGROUP on Network Neighborhood or Network 
Places (Childish nomenclature by MS).

If I disconnect FBSD from the LAN, the Windows machines can, once again, 

Perhaps I should dump the NetBEUI protocol on Windows and just map the 
shares on each machine. (Kindof a pain, IYAM)

Maybe I just don't understand what the relationship should be between the 
samba machine and the others.

The static address ( of the FBSD machine show up as 

If I may make an observation, it looks to me that MS is getting 
kprogressively bloated an unecessarily complicated as it evolves. I am 
trying to get away from it as much as possible but that is a little 
difficult as too many "common people" are still brainwashed by MS.

Please let me know  what specifics I should provide. I have been searching 
the documentation and the HOW_TO's with little success.


>On Sat, 21 Dec 2002 pippo at bellnet.ca wrote:
> > I would appreciate it if someone can point me in the right direction.
> > I am having a problem connecting to other computers on my LAN.
> > Configuration is this:
> > 1. XP machine, 2 Win2K's, 1 FreeBSD running Samba (current or latest 
> version).
> >  From XP, I can connect and read/write and print to FBSD but cannot connect
> > to Win2k's.
> > Win2k's cannot connect to XP.
> > I suspect it has to do with the domain master and the os level settings
> > for, when the FBSD machine is off, connections between XP and Win2k are ok.
> > What do I have to to to be able to connect to Win2k's at the same time as
> > the FBSD (Samba)?
> > I am not running a domain, workgroup only. :))
> > Thanks in advance,
> > Pippo

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