[Samba] Problem with slow connection...

Joao Alberto M. dos Reis (Listas de discucao) lista at vudu.ath.cx
Fri Dec 20 19:17:00 GMT 2002

I have an application that from a windows  it access text files on a samba
server that uses a NT as password server. When it tries to access the text
files, ir returns a error message that the path was not find. When the
user tries 2 or 3 times the same thing, it works and the application runs
perfect without any problem. The point is that when I authenticate on the
password server( a windows NT) it has a kinda of "delay", it hangs one or
two seconds, and then the user application gets a connection time out.

Does anyone has any ideas how can I make the comunication between the
samba server and the password server get faster? Or there is any option to
make samba send a string saying that he is authenticate on the password

Joao Alberto M. dos Reis
Porto Alegre - Brasil

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