[Samba] Cannot install samba

Software Software at Hajo-Thiel.de
Fri Dec 20 16:57:00 GMT 2002

Who can help me?
I am a very beginner on linux an so with samba!
So far I can´t install samba:
download latest-samba.tar.gz from samba-ftp to root directory
then doing "tar -xvfz latest-samba.tar.gz"
change directory to "samba-2.2.7a/source"
call "./configure" and then i get following messages:
  loading cache ./config.cache
  checking for gcc... no
  checking for cc... no
  configure: error: no acceptable cc foun in $PATH

Same think happens with 2 different linux Versions:
THIZ Linux 6.0 (delivered with a Chaintech Board) and
Suse Linux 8.1
What ist my mistake?

If you have any ideas, please mail me.

I forgot: please try to explain in simple words, because my english
is not very good.

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