[Samba] Samba 2.2.7a with Netware client is SLOW!

Bob Puff at NLE bob at nleaudio.com
Fri Dec 20 06:30:02 GMT 2002


I had a system running nicely, replacing a Netware server with Samba 2.2.6.  I had not removed the Novell client, or its IPX protocol from Win98 workstations, yet
everything was working nicely.  I upgraded to Samba 2.2.7a, and now all of a sudden, all the Win98 workstations that had the Novell client on them got deathly slow.  

I "solved" the problem by removing fully the Novell client, and IPX, but something in the change from 2.2.6 o 2.2.7a definitely messed things up.  I note that a Win2k
server does NOT have this same problem (with slow access).

Now, the slowness I think happens in a file open/close or something similar, as I did some timing tests, and determined that copying one large file still is about the same
speed.  But running an app that opens a number of files definitely shows up this problem.


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