[Samba] slowness when using roaming profiles

Anthony Hologounis ahologounis at cox.net
Fri Dec 20 01:18:02 GMT 2002

Dariush Forouher wrote:

>Am Die, 2002-12-17 um 20.19 schrieb John H Terpstra:
>>Just FYI - the user in question had an Outlook PST file that was nearly
>>1 Gigabyte in size. PST files are stored as part of the profile!! Any
>Interessting, if I try to copy a profile >80mb back to samba, I doesn't
>work (IIRC samba denies access to the profile share). Do you know if
>this is a bug of my old samba 2.2.3 installation or something related to
>Windows2K? I haven't looked further into it because this border is just
>fine for me.
Thanks all for the reply.
After further checking it seems the biggest culprits are the Desktop 
folder and the Application Data folder.
These are the porkers : ) The Application Data folder is 209M alone. How 
important is this folder?

Is there a way to edit what gets backed up when a user logs off? It 
would be nice to skip over these folders.( not sure if this would defeat 
the purpose of roaming profiles though)

I am not a windows person so the answer is not readily apparant.


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