[Samba] Re: max log size setting ignored

Tom Schaefer tom at umsl.edu
Thu Dec 19 16:11:48 GMT 2002

Thanks but no thanks.  I've got literally hundreds of users.  As I write this message there are 424 unique users using my samba server.  I don't want hundreds and hundreds of little log files.  I want one BIG log file.

It should be no-brainer, in the [global] section of smb.conf I have:

log level = 1
max log size = 0

But, no matter what I set "max log size" to, be it 0 or a big number, it is always ignored and the log.smbd is always ended at 5 Meg.

I doubt I'm going to get any support, you'll all write and say "it works fine for me" or "you must be doing something wrong" but oh well.  In fact, when I did a little digging into it a while back running samba on my workstation which is also Sparc/Solaris the parameter did in fact seem to work ok.  But that was with a basic smb.conf and a load of 1 user (me) testing from my Windows 2000 box.

It just doesn't work on my server.  :(

I guess, all I'm asking is that if anybody else has seen this problem, please speak up.

Tom Schaefer

> You might try setting in your smb.conf [globals]:
> 	log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m
> 	max log size = 100
> 	log level = 1
> Should keep the log file < 100 Kb per client.
> This works for me.
> - John T.

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