[Samba] Help with SAMBA configuratin.

Juan Rosell jarosell at aaa.upv.es
Thu Dec 19 09:04:00 GMT 2002


   I am configuring a Linux machine (R.H. 8.0) and I could join the 
Linux machine to the Windows LAN,I followed the tests from a pdf I 
downloadedd from samba.org about how to configure and test such an 
installation, but the problem is , that the Linux machine cannot access 
the shared directories in the Windows machines, the error I get seems to 
be related with permissions but I don't understand why ,on the other 
way, I can access the public directory in the Linux machine from a 
Windows machine...

    After checking in HOW-TO's and in the documents I have downloaded I 
can see nothing that helps me out.... I wonder if someone could give me 
a hint about which the problem could be. The machines in the WIndows LAN 
are all Win2k.



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