[Samba] Samba 3alpha20 Bugs (FreeBSD 4.6)

Laurent Hofmann laurent.news at kally.net
Thu Dec 19 08:04:22 GMT 2002


I would say that for Samba 3.0 alpha20 (and latter I suppose ) acting as PDC
you must reenable "use spnego=yes".
I say it because it is not clear, and I had to search a lot before finding
why i could not log on.
(it work with spnego=no with alpha17 !)

I've tried to set up add and delete scripts for everythings : add user
script, delete user script etc... add/del user and group work fine but
"add/del user to/from group" and "set primary group" seem not to do
anything. (by placing /bin/echo %g %u>/test it do nothing too while it work
with add user).

I've found also an error with UserMng for NT when group names (created by
smbgroupedit) are too long. If I rename it to a less caracters name, I can
double-click on a group name and view who is in the group.

With usermng for NT, we can delete a global group or a local group (without
entry in smbgroupedit) without problem, but if this group appears in
smbgroupedit and is local, it's impossible. (say "unable to delete this
system group").

I hope this can help ? I don't no if it is the right place for that... But
i'm not sure all are bugs, it could be problems in my config, so I post

PS : I'm new to this mailing-list, and I'm french ;)

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