[Samba] Samba pdc, Norton Ghost enterprise edition and joinin g the domain?

Owens, Bob bowens at navtech.com
Wed Dec 18 14:01:01 GMT 2002


You could try a batch file with

NETDOM /Domain:MYDOMAIN /user:adminuser /password:apassword MEMBER



search microsoft.com for comand line join domain for more info.


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Hi List.

We have a Samba 3.0pre21 PDC set up here on our prim. fileserver. We use 
Windows 2000 SP2 on our PC clients. We install clients with system images 
from disk and than install applications from one central machine running 
Norton Ghost EE.

Ghost has the functionality not only to install the software from the 
"console" on the ghost server, but it is also able to make the clients join 
the domain. So we would not have to go to the client, log in as admin and 
join the domain, but could make this part of our remote installation 

However, we have not been able to do this with our samba pdc. Is there 
anybody out there with a similar configuration and attempts to integrate 
Ghost into a Samba-controlled domain? Or are there other (better) ways to 
"remot-join" the domain?

Thank You, CU, Lars.
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