[Samba] Integrating a samba server in a samba controlled domain

Marian Mlcoch, Ing mm at tsmp.sk
Wed Dec 18 10:25:01 GMT 2002

I rewrite you mail from list :

You have not yet joined the Samba machine to the domain, so the domain
controller doesn't know the machine yet. Here's what I understand you'll
to do; others may have more to say on the subject:

Use smbpasswd (as root) to add the machine VLOUCHI to the domain. There are
    ways this is done:

    a. If the computer's trust account is already set up on the domain
        controller, do:

> smbpasswd -j DN

where DN is the name of the domain you're joining.

   b. If the trust account is not set up on the PDC, do this:

> smbpasswd -j DN -U <username>

where <username> is a name authorized to add computers to the domain. If you
don't have such a username, you'll have to get a suitable admin to add the
trust account on the PDC and then do step a above.


Ray Simard

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> Hi !
> I have followed the Samba-Howto, but I still have some problems.
> Our network is composed of Win2K stations and two samba servers (2.2.5)
> running under SuSE Linux 8.1.
> HIROSHIMAN is configured as PDC (domaine CHERYLNET) and everything is
> fine, from login to share and printer access.
> VLOUCHI is a second file server and its workgroup (thus domain) is also
> CHERYLNET ; security is set to domain and password server to HIROSHIMAN.
> The goal is that VLOUCHI shares the same userbase than HIROSHIMAN
> After having logged on on the W2K station, when I go to HIROSHIMAN,
> works fine. But when I first try to go to the VLOUCHI server, I am asked
> give in a login/pwd. I cannot connect to the server even if a provide a
> which I know to exist on the PDC.
> I also have create a Linux account for my test user on VLOUCHI, but this
> not help neither.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated
> Kind regards,
> Gerd C. Michalke
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