[Samba] problem to connect samba on Mac os X (user/passwd)

Pascal Bénistant pascal.benistant at gamsau.map.archi.fr
Wed Dec 18 10:19:01 GMT 2002

  I try Samba on MAC OS X 10.2 System.
  The SAMBA's version is  2.2.3a.
  I began tests with SAMBA as PDC (that the aim) but as it did not work
   i canceled this, and changed the configuration to simplify the
   (the error messages are the same)
  When i use this command from the server (terminal)
 smbclient -L jobs -U pbe
added interface ip= bcast=
session setup failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE
  and in the log file i have this:
  netbios connect: name1=JOBS             name2=JOBS
[2002/12/18 09:56:53, 2]
  netbios connect: local=jobs remote=jobs
[2002/12/18 09:56:56, 2]
  NT Password did not match for user 'pbe'!
[2002/12/18 09:56:56, 2]
  Defaulting to Lanman password for pbe
[2002/12/18 09:56:56, 1]
  Rejecting user 'pbe': bad password
[2002/12/18 09:56:56, 2]
  Closing connections
  and by the windows explorer (explorer.exe) on windows 2000 or NT it is
the same message
  this is my config file
	netbios name = JOBS
	workgroup = GAMSAU
	server string = Mac OS X Server
	guest account = unknown
	log file = /Library/Logs/WindowsServices/WindowsFileService.log
	security = user
	encrypt passwords = yes
	smb passwd file = /var/db/samba/smbpasswd
	os level = 1
	domain master = no
	local master = no
	preferred master = no
	domain logons = no
	coding system = utf8
	max smbd processes = 20
	log level = 2
	max log size = 200
	map to guest = Bad User
	nt acl support = no
	client code page = 437
  the user pbe exists in smbpasswd (create and delete several time)
  i add it in /etc/passwd too (beacause OS X does not use this file to 
  manage users)
  pbe user exists at the system mac os level 
 and i have no more idea
 thanks for any help 
 Pascal Benistant

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