[Samba] Valid user not able to authenticate

Gavin Lowe gavin.lowe at gen-i.co.nz
Wed Dec 18 02:46:51 GMT 2002

> Hi all,
> I have sent this previously to the squid mailing list who have redirected
> me here.
> I have Squid 2.5 STABLE1 with Samba 2.2.6 and RH 7.3 setup to do
> transparent authentication and allow access to domain users who are
> members of the WWWusers group.
> I get this frequent  problem where a valid user will have been browsing
> earlier in the day, then they start getting the 'access denied' page from
> the proxy.
> When I manually use the helper - libexec/wb_group - to check the group
> membership, I get user does not exist errors in the winbind log file. If I
> use samba/bin/wbinfo -u, to list users the user is listed correctly.
> I had to restart the winbind daemon before the user could authenticate
> again.
> Does any one know why this is happening ? 
> It is possibly causing other transient problems too where a user my be
> browsing OK, then the browser will prompt for domain credentials, if you
> enter valid credentials or if you click the cancel button you are able to
> continue. I haven't tried putting in incorrect credentials, but I imagine
> it doesn't matter what you do.
> Thanks
> Gavin Lowe

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