[Samba] slowness when using roaming profiles

Owens, Bob bowens at navtech.com
Tue Dec 17 16:27:01 GMT 2002

Have them move there stuff to their home drive and create shortcuts to there
docs.  Check there profiles size with D-Folder (freeware program) from a
windows machine to see if contentIE is getting big and for an overall size
of everyone's folder with out click on every stinking one.  It copies the
size of their profile when the login and out.


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I am on a rh 7.2 machinr running samba. My clients are windows 2000 and
whn using locl profiles I experience quick log-ons and quicj log-offs.

Whwn I flag the client for roaming profiles, it seems to take many minutes
 to log off.

The users roaming directory IS created and is populated with
their user inoformation, one user has 300M of stuff.Which I thought
was alot.

When the user goes to log-off it takes many minutes to synch with
the server, is there a way to speed this up?



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