[Samba] Still having trouble with copying large files

Colin Davis ColinD at traininghott.com
Tue Dec 17 15:00:02 GMT 2002

I had originally written about this problem last month

Since then, our company has added another Windows Fileserver which I'm
trying to back up, and they are both having the problem. Because it
happens on both servers, this leads me to believe it really is a problem
with my Samba server.

I've upgraded to 2.2.7a, as the changelog said that that release fixed
some problems with large file support, but no-luck.

I could try splitting the file into pieces on the Windows server, but
that is kludgy.

If anyone can help me get this solved, I'd be forever appreciative.. 
I'll do whatever I need to. If I need to go to the 3.0 version, I guess
I can, but I'm wary of stability..

Colin Davis

Former message attached------
I'm trying to back-up a set of windows machines onto a single Linux
machine, so that I can easily make a tape from there.

The Linux Machine (RedHat 7.3, running samba 2.2.6), is set to use
mount.smbfs to log in to each machine's Administrative share, and copy
several files from the hard drive.

One machine is giving me a great deal of difficulty, however.
Our last remaining window's fileserver (the rest have been converted),
makes a backup of it'self every night, and stores it on the F: drive.
This is easily completed in an hour or so.

On the Linux machine, it is set to try to log in to the fileserver, and
copy the file, every morning at 11:30am. The file (FullBackup.bcf) is
7.1 gig on the windows machine, but, left to it's own devices, Samba
never stops copying it.. The file grows until it fills the entire

   mkdir /mnt/bkp/BackupServer >> /etc/sambalog 2>&1=20
   mkdir /mnt/bkp/BackupServer/BackupDir >> \etc\sambalog 2>&1
   cp -R -u /mnt/smb/folder /mnt/bkp/BackupServer/BackupDir=20

Does anyone have any suggestions to why this might be happening?
I'm really at a loss.. It happens no matter what filesystem I give the
destination disk, so I think it must be an issue during the copy..


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