[Samba] Re: Save open access databases

Liaan van der Merwe liaan at ggates.co.za
Tue Dec 17 08:32:00 GMT 2002

Hallo all
I'm having more or less same problem.
Have a outlook pst file on a smb share and everytime i do backups (using
tar) it says: file change while backing up. and backup stops...
My workaround, stop smb share then backup, then start...
Is there maybe better way to do this??
"David Morel" <david.morel at amakuru.net> wrote in message
news:3DFE013A.2030607 at amakuru.net...
> Hi all,
> I don't have any MSAccess on my machines, so I can't test it, and I
> would like to backup or invalidate that claim: if i have an MS Access
> database open by several people on a windows share (say on a w2k
> machine), will it be a problem backing it up on a linux backup server
> mounting the windows share (while it is still open and written to by the
> windows machines of course)? Will it cause any problem to back it up if
> it is on the samba share, still with several windows clients accessing
> and writing to it?
> Thanks in advance to all.
> D.Morel
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