[Samba] Samba & Win XP

Silvio E. G. Melo silvio at peno.coppe.ufrj.br
Mon Dec 16 21:33:07 GMT 2002

Dears Samba users

I have a network configurated with a some samba servers e all the clients 
are Windows (95, 98, Me and NT). For some rasons my access to samba servers 
is with plaintextpassord and not for encryptedpassword.

I need in a moment connect som machines with Windows XP. I read the 
documentation e follow the steps to configurations, but is not work. I can´t 
configure encryptedpassword ata a moment.

Someone nows how I can cunfigure my machines?

Grate in advance 

silvio at peno.coppe.ufrj.br
Silvio E. G. Melo - Analista de Suporte
Departamento de Engenharia Naval e Oceânica - Poli - UFRJ
Programa de Engenharia Oceânica - COPPE - UFRJ

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