[Samba] samba and os/2 "warpserver for ebusiness"

Jim McDonough jmcdsmb at maine.rr.com
Mon Dec 16 14:35:01 GMT 2002

Nessim Hemmer wrote:

> Is there anybody who has made experiences with "subject"?
> I tried to get a samba printserver vers 2.2.1a on a suse linux box.
> It worked successfully so my win 98 clients are able to print via cups
> on an network printer.
> We also have an existing os/2 "warpserver for ebusiness" as the PDC and fileserver
> which one do the authentication of all users. I'm still not able to configure the
> connection so that the win 98 users could be authenticated by the os/2 server,
> if they want to get access to the printserver. I'm still having two user managements -
> one at the os/2 PDC, one at the linux/samba box.
> What i tried so far:
> I added the samba server as a trusted server to the os/2 machine.
> I set the authentication in smb.conf to "domain" - formerly "user"
> But the authentication still fails. As i can see in /var/log/messages, samba
> sent the auth-request to os/2 but got no answer.
> Is there anybody who knows something about os/2 issues?
> We like to switch over to linux/samba solutions step by step :-)

You'll wan't security=server, because security=domain will use RPC's, which OS/2 doesn't
For the linux side of things, try pam_smb.  I haven't used it, but my understanding it
only uses SMB's, and may work with OS/2.

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