[Samba] Network is ureachable

Jacek Trzcinski jacekt at aska.com.pl
Mon Dec 16 11:00:01 GMT 2002

Hello everybody,
I've got the following problem.
Small network: W95 (alpha),  W98 (beta) & Samba-2.2.7 (delta) as
domain server.
Almost everything is ok.
The Samba shares can be mapped from alpha & beta :
- automatically using allusers.bat script
    (net use P: \\delta\public
     net use H: /HOME )
- manually using explorer's "map drive" option


the 'network neighborhood shows nothing.
The network browse trials ends with the "network is unreachable" (!)
When I stop samba everything looks fine (alpha & beta appear in the
network neighborhood).

Whole Linux is built up from scratch (LFS).
Kernel 2.4.19
DNS: dnscache + tinydns from djdbns package;

Any ideas?
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