[Samba] ACL issues still unresolved

Ronan Waide waider at waider.ie
Sun Dec 15 20:48:01 GMT 2002

On December 6, dkrnic at lycos.com said:
> It would be a tremendous help for all newbies and other migrants if 
> someone lurking on this maillist went a step further than I did and 
> were willing to share the experience.

I'm currently looking at exactly this setup in order to migrate some
shares off an NT box. I see two basic problems here:

1. smbclient and smbmnt/smbmount don't, apparently, have any support
   for ACLs
2. smbcacls is not format-compatible with getfacls.

I would presume the first is on the (eventual) todo list for the samba
team, but the second seems to be a short-term solution that would work

As is, I'm thinking I'm better off with the approach suggested by
another poster, which is to take this opportunity to review the ACLs
on the shares and correct them manually. It's going to hurt, of
course, but the end result will be a better configuration.

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