[Samba] samba and os/2 "warpserver for ebusiness"

Nessim Hemmer nhemmer at web.de
Sun Dec 15 17:32:00 GMT 2002

Is there anybody who has made experiences with "subject"?
I tried to get a samba printserver vers 2.2.1a on a suse linux box.
It worked successfully so my win 98 clients are able to print via cups
on an network printer.
We also have an existing os/2 "warpserver for ebusiness" as the PDC and fileserver 
which one do the authentication of all users. I'm still not able to configure the 
connection so that the win 98 users could be authenticated by the os/2 server, 
if they want to get access to the printserver. I'm still having two user managements - 
one at the os/2 PDC, one at the linux/samba box.
What i tried so far:
I added the samba server as a trusted server to the os/2 machine.
I set the authentication in smb.conf to "domain" - formerly "user"
But the authentication still fails. As i can see in /var/log/messages, samba  
sent the auth-request to os/2 but got no answer.
Is there anybody who knows something about os/2 issues?
We like to switch over to linux/samba solutions step by step :-)

Thanks in advance nessim


just a question about adding a samba server (printer) to an existing 
os/2 Warp Server domain. 
Given: OS/2 Warp Server PDC
          linux server/samba 2.2.1a which shares printers
          win98 users, authenticated by the Warp Server 4.0             

I'm searching for a way to authenticate the printer users through the OS/2 PDC
Until now it works only if i create samba users on the linux machine, means, every
user must have an account on the linux machine.
Is there a way?
Some hints, links, documentation are appreciated.

regards, nessim

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