[Samba] lprm command not getting called.

David Neilson DNeilson at westfam.com
Sat Dec 14 01:13:01 GMT 2002


I will forego answering your questions since I finally got it working so
that I can now delete files without hanging the application.  I did the
following three things, and I am not sure what combination made it work.  I
think it was probably the first two.   

1) Made the printer path equal to a Samba file share.  (This doesn't make
sense because the original printer path was 777, and the parent directories
were read/execute, thus allowing anybody to "cd" through them.)

2) Deleted and re-added the printer in question (I have made lots of changes
to the smb.conf file over the past week, and thought maybe there were some
"inconsistencies" between the samba server and the printer configuration on
the W2K client.)

2) Modified the Samba printer from the W2K client (i.e., changed the
orientation to Landscape, clicked apply, then changed it back again).  I
read in a document titled "Samba Project Documentation", dated Apr 1, 2002,
that "for a printer to be truly usable by a W2K client, a valid Device Mode
needed to be generated for the printer".  And that paper suggested the
action mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph.   

I know there are some security issues to work out here.  

Thanks for your help.  

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Well, there a  lot of error messages saying it can't run command %s. What is
command %s ?

BTW, what is smtp? Isn't that a mail program?

Have you run testparm ?


On Thu, Dec 12, 2002 at 04:13:27PM -0800, David Neilson wrote:
> Joel:
> In response to your questions:
> 1) I am using lprng, not cups.
> 2. Here is the strings output of smtp:  
> Incorrect program usage - are you sure the command line is correct?
> disk_free: Running command %s
> disk_free: sys_popen() failed for command %s. Error was : %s
> Unsupported API fd command

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