[Samba] Re: Stumped at "Network Neighborhood", Samba server is visible, but it's path can't be found ...

Jamie Risk jamie_risk at yahoo.ca
Fri Dec 13 20:11:01 GMT 2002

Bob had responded (again, thanks Bob) with two suggestions.

1. Try connecting with the same user and password as on the
   unix side. I set up a new W2000 user account with name
   and password to match. When I click on the Network
   Neighbourhood, I still get the "Network path not found."
   described earlier.
2. Add an entry to the W2000 hosts file so that I could ping
   without having to resort to using the IP quad address. I
   appreciate taht I can do this, although our network uses
   DHCP, and I've no idea how to represent that in a hosts file.

I suspect that Samba is configured perfectly, and that my
problem is based on basic network connectivity.

Would those responding to this thread agree that I
should be able to ping the Linux box using it's NetBios

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