[Samba] Re: Stumped at "Network Neighborhood", Samba server is visible, but it's path can't be found ...

Jamie Risk jamie_risk at yahoo.ca
Fri Dec 13 19:35:01 GMT 2002

Hi Bob, thanks for responding ...

Yes; at least if your asking about the unix side of things. Through some
that I did a few days ago I piped the password file for linux into a
file for samba, then initialized the samba account of interest.  A
of what I did is here:

On the windows side of things, I'm trying to access the share as different
I'm assuming (?) that I'll be asked for the appropriate passwords when the
is being established.

Pardon my ignorance, but I'm still under the impression I'm faced with a DNS
resolution problem since I can't ping the Linux box from my W2000 console
using anything OTHER than the quad IP address.

"Owens, Bob" <bowens at navtech.com> wrote in message > Jamie,
> Have you crated a user and a smbpasswd for the user that you are
> using "Network Neighborhood?"
> -Bob

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