[Samba] Stumped at "Network Neighbourhood", Samba server is visible, but it's path can't be found ...

Jamie Risk jamie_risk at yahoo.ca
Fri Dec 13 19:19:58 GMT 2002

Hi all,

I can see the RH7.3 linux box I've configured with the latest
Redhat RPM samba package in the Windows 2000 network
neighbourhood, but when I double click the W2000 computer
icon I get the message

 "\\Linuxbox is not accessible,
  The network path was not found."

The network is a small switched lan, sadly with only one unix
box (RH7.3) and a mixture of Windows2000 and 98 machines. The
domain name is that of our service provider "bellnet.ca", and
the recently introduced Linux box is configured with the host
/domain name pair "LinuxBox.bellnet.ca".

Anyway, I can ping the either way, (from Windows to Linux and
back again) but in order to do so, I must specify the IP
addresses of the machines. I suspect the DNS resolution isn't
working, but I'm mislead by the fact the linux box's name
("Linuxbox") appears as an icon in the network neighbourhood.
Clearly, I don't know what's going on.

Like I wrote, I can see the icon for the linux box in my
network neighbourhood which is drawing me to naive/confusing
conclusions about the validity of my setup.

Help ?


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