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	While that is true, is it also possible that they could have "fixed"   
something else that is unrelated, but could potentially cause minor or   
major issues with Samba?

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On Fri, 13 Dec 2002, Robert Adkins wrote:

> "...Windows Server Message Block (SMB) protocol which could enable   
> policy on domain controllers to be modified. Flaws in cryptographic
> signing implementation used by MS in SMB are the root cause of the
> problem. These flaws are fixed in Win XP SP1 or through a separate
> patch, released yesterday, which is designed to address the problem on
> Windows 2000 boxes."
> 	Does this change in any way affect Samba? Has anyone tested out
> this patch before spreading it across all their Windows 2K/XP
> workstations?

Should not effect us since Samba does not implement SMB signing.

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