[Samba] Symbolic links and SAMBA

Long, Jesse Jesse.Long at hp.com
Fri Dec 13 19:07:49 GMT 2002


I am experiencing the following problem:

I have a Linux SAMBA server set up with a share containing the source
code for my RH Linux 8.0 kernel, which is on another machine.  I have no
problems mounting or accessing the share on the RH client.  The problem
occurs when I run the 'make' command, on the mounted share, (which
requires removing and re-setting a symbolic link 'include/asm') I get
the following error message:

ln: creating symbolic link 'asm' to 'asm-i386': Operation not permitted.

I have check the smb.conf file on the server and verified the following
parameters are set as indicated:

Writable = yes
Map system = yes
Follow symlinks = yes
Wide links = yes

I have set the fmask and dmask to 0777 on the smbmount command when
mounting the share, and the entry in /proc/mounts indicates that the
share is mounted rw, with fmask and dmas both set to 0777.

Would anyone have any ideas as to what might cause this error?

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