[Samba] the process when client joins and logs off....

John H Terpstra jht at samba.org
Fri Dec 13 17:46:01 GMT 2002

On Fri, 13 Dec 2002 kdmprasad at netindial.com wrote:


Since you press for an answer please excuse my bluntness.

You will have to find the answers to this question by either reading
volumes of published material (like the MS Windows NT/2K Resource Kit
Manuals) or by sniffing out what happens on the network as a client logs
off (also as a client shuts down) an MS Windows NT Domain.

The tools you can use to do your own sniffing includes (recommended)
'ethereal' (check www.zing.org).

You have a learning curve ahead of you and I wish you well.

PS: I look forward to your patches.

- John T.

> hello,
> can any one help me with some details pls.
> i was looking for the process(the internals)when a client logs in to
> samba(configured as a PDC).
> and the same questions what happens when a client logs off.(do the PDC
> know abt this?).
> iam keen in to these details,since i want to insert in to the source
> code of samba,a small code by myself,to have capture the list of
> clients which are joining the PDC and leaving the PDC.
> first i want to have a file(say filename is logged-in)when a client
> log in PDC.then when a client logs off(will samba know abt this at
> all?)i want to remove the IP entry from the same file(logged-in).
> so that i can have a list of IP's who r currently active in samba.
> suppose at an instant if i want to find who r all the clients who
> logged in to PDC,i must be able to identify from the same file.
> (usually in /var/logs/ i have files named log.<netbios-name>)
> but these r files when client logs on...and doesn't leave even though
> the client switches off)....
> pls help me at this point....
> thanks in advance....
> prasad

John H Terpstra
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