[Samba] Recycle Bin Question

Brent Torrenga brent.torrenga at torrenga.com
Fri Dec 13 16:50:57 GMT 2002

    Recycle bins creating the directory structure inside the .recycle
directory have an issue I believe... ...at least how I have it setup :)

The directories created in the .recycle directory have permissions only
allowing access to the user who created it. Thus, if someone deletes
something from a share located inside the same directory that someone else
has previously deleted something, then the second deleted file will NOT be
putin the .recycle because that second person has insufficient permisions to
access the previously made directory in .recycle. Right? I experimented and
found it to be so.

So I have a public share, and would like the directories created in .recycle
to be public as well. How can this be done?


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