[Samba] Access to Everyone

Craig Wright cwright at froude.fki-et.com
Fri Dec 13 16:23:01 GMT 2002

I'm new to this group so please accept my apologies for any gaffs I might

My problem is this:

I am running Samba 2.23 on RedHat 7.3. Using various unix permissions, users
& groups & smbusers / smbpasswords I am able to control who see what shares.
The Security in samba is set to users. and passwords are encrypted. What I
would like to do is have one particular share RO to everybody but without
having to setup everyone as unix & smbusers. I know if I changed to
security=share I can do it but this causes me problems elsewhere on other
shares because of the continuing need to input a username & password each
time you connect. The PC's that need to see the share are NT4 workstations
that are not on a NT domain (we use Novell). I guess in simple terms I need
a public RO share without any restrictions on who connects, whilst
maintaining the restrictions on the other shares. Any Ideas?


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