[Samba] \\FILESERVER is not accessible. Access is Denied

Luca Massarenti samba at massarenti.com
Fri Dec 13 16:06:01 GMT 2002

I think you have already test via ping the ip address.

if the net works try to comment the following in smb.conf (only if for security reason is possible)

; host allow = 

if you have problems let me have more information about the client os and if you want send your smb.conf to massarenti at massarenti.com

good luck
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  I got it so my logfile no longer complains about invalid user. I was creating a machine trust account but not an actual user account. I am still having 2 problems.

  When i attempt to log onto the domain at bootup I put in my username and password and select DARCSTAR for the domain to log onto and it tells me almost instantly:

  "The Domain DARCSTAR is not available."

  So i just log in on the local machine and type \\FILESERVER in a command prompt. a username/password box appears, i put in my username and password and it tells me:

  \\FILESERVER is no accessible. Access is Denied

  in the log file it doesnt give me an error it just says:

  Allowed connection from (which is my win2k box).

  I'm sorta stumped as to what is the problem. I read through the pdf file that someone gave me yesterday but it didn't explain about the error message I am receiving.
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