[Samba] Some doubts

Sergio Jimenez sjimenez at censa-cat.net
Fri Dec 13 14:46:00 GMT 2002

Hi, I'm trying to setup samba server on FreeBSD-4.7-STABLE, with samba version 2.2.7a. It runs so good (better than our snap server :).

I need to know if should be possible, that users can modify, save, and all other possible operations on files except delete it.

My users config are, more or less:

All users have their uid
All users are in same gid
Some project admins (they are on "admin users" tag on smb.conf)

I want only admins can delete files.

Best regards.

Sergio Jiménez <sjimenez at censa-cat.net> 
CENSA network administrator             
pgp key at pgp.rediris.es		   
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