[Samba] the process when client joins and logs off....

kdmprasad at netindial.com kdmprasad at netindial.com
Fri Dec 13 13:27:00 GMT 2002


can any one help me with some details pls.

i was looking for the process(the internals)when a client logs in to
samba(configured as a PDC).

and the same questions what happens when a client logs off.(do the PDC
know abt this?).

iam keen in to these details,since i want to insert in to the source
code of samba,a small code by myself,to have capture the list of
clients which are joining the PDC and leaving the PDC.

first i want to have a file(say filename is logged-in)when a client
log in PDC.then when a client logs off(will samba know abt this at
all?)i want to remove the IP entry from the same file(logged-in).

so that i can have a list of IP's who r currently active in samba.

suppose at an instant if i want to find who r all the clients who
logged in to PDC,i must be able to identify from the same file.

(usually in /var/logs/ i have files named log.<netbios-name>)
but these r files when client logs on...and doesn't leave even though
the client switches off)....

pls help me at this point....

thanks in advance....


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