[Samba] oplocks and samba 2.2.7

Simo Sorce idra at samba.org
Fri Dec 13 09:52:00 GMT 2002

On Fri, 2002-12-13 at 09:48, Jean-Paul ARGUDO wrote:
> Hi all,
> I really know you'll tell me it is not an issue from Samba nor a matter 
> of topic in this list.
> But. I have problems with oplocks, surely because of my version:
> Version 2.2.3a-12 for Debian I noticed it all in bug 26128 and posted 
> here precisions, few days ago.
> Version 2.2.3a-12!!!??? YES, this is the *stable* version from Debian.

And it may contain lot of fixes that are in newer samba releases.
I'm not saying they do, but I've seen a number of vendors that fixes
packages but maintain older version to keep dependencies toward other
packeags or such.

> What would I do? Install newer version (2.2.7,afaik), then corrupt my 
> system? Or wait for Samba team to put 2.2.7 in the stable?

with 2.2.7a you will not corrupt your system, however it seem strange
debian does not upgrade to 2.2.7a as from 2.2.2-2.2.6 there a possible
security problem, have you the security team url in your apt source

> For example, in current proposed-updates, samba version proposed is
> 2.2.3a-12!! I think I'll have to wait a year before 2.2.7 becomes 
> stable, then you'll be supporting only version 2.4 ? :-)
> I really know again it is *not* the problem of Samba team.

Not it is not.

> But, I think when I read docs "always install newest version before 
> asking to support", you put to rubbish all users who havent yet 
> connexion to internet, or ones who just buy brand new RH, Mandrake, 
> Suse, whatever, box, with surely not the latest Samba version in  :-(

Well if we know a problem is probably fixed in a later version, what can
we do? We cannot do anything else that asking to upgrade to check it is
not something else.

> What are my solutions then? Build my own deb package from your cvs? 
> Thats what I'm gonna do finally, corrupting a bit my stable production 
> debian server :-/

you do not need to build them out of cvs, we release packages in tar
format, and you should really use them, cvs *may* contain new errors as
we may be committing in steps a fix or something else while you cvs
update and you do not notice.

> I'd really like you give your point of view on this.

I generally use what the distribution provides.
But if necessary I also install my custom packages (and I always build
packages, as that way I have a trace in my system of what I've done
exactly. To my customers I installed things like:
samba-2.2.7pre2-xsec1.rpm/deb (Xsec is my company and pre2 never
existed, I made it as I needed a special fix that was only in cvs).

> Thanks a lot for your efforts!

Thank you,

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