[Samba] lprm command not getting called.

David Neilson DNeilson at westfam.com
Fri Dec 13 00:14:00 GMT 2002


In response to your questions:

1) I am using lprng, not cups.

2. Here is the strings output of smtp:  
Incorrect program usage - are you sure the command line is correct?
disk_free: Running command %s
disk_free: sys_popen() failed for command %s. Error was : %s
Unsupported API fd command
Got API command 0x%x on pipe "%s" (pnum %x)
named pipe command on <%s> name
named pipe command from Win95 (wow!)
Unsupported API command
Supplied buffer too small in API command
Got API command %d of form <%s> <%s>
no messaging command specified
unknown command type (%s): type=%d (0x%X)
smb_create_user: Running the command `%s' gave %d
smb_delete_user: Running the command `%s' gave %d
Invoking magic command %s gave %d
dfree command
message command
delete share command
change share command
add share command
deleteprinter command
addprinter command
enumports command
queueresume command
queuepause command
lpresume command
lppause command
lprm command
lpq command
print command
Expected %s response, got command 0x%02x
Expected SMBnttrans response, got command 0x%02x
A File Search command can find no more files matching the specified
The server did not recognize the command received.
The tree ID (TID) specified in a command was invalid.
Unknown command.
_srv_net_share_set_info: change share command = %s
_srv_net_share_add: No add share command
api_rpcTNP: rpc command: %s
Invalid snum %d for command %s
Running the command `%s' gave %d
process_local_message: unknown UDP message command code (%x) - ignoring.

3. The commands which are called from the smb.conf file include:  lpr
command, lpq command, and queuepause and queueresume commands.  The commands
which are NOT called from the smb.conf file include:  lprm command, lppause
command, and lpresume command.  I tested this as you suggested (setting the
command to something like:  echo "processed %s" > /tmp/file.out.  The
/tmp/file.out file was never created.  

4.  The /tmp permissions are 1777:  drwxrwxrwt.  

As I mentioned in an earlier email, I can now delete the files, but it hangs
the application.  Also, when I try to pause a specific print job, it doesn't

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Well, I can detect a note of desperation creeping in. Now, this is where the
real learning begins.

Some ideas:

You are using lprng, not cups, right?

Just for fun, try:

strings `which smbd` | grep command | less

and see what commands smbd recognizes.

You might try other commands, like lppause and queuepause and see if they
are being ignored.

Since this may be all permissions, try this:
lprm command = echo "you tried to remove me" %s > /tmp/junk

We assume permission on /tmp are proper? Mine are:



On Wed, Dec 11, 2002 at 05:54:53PM -0800, David Neilson wrote:
> I have configured Samba on both a RH Linux 7.2 box and Solaris 8 box and
> not able to remove print jobs.  The lprm command is not getting called.  I
> know that for a fact because I changed lprm command to equal a script
> will log when it is called.  And that script is never called.  There are
> errors in any log files - system or samba.
> The printing parts of the smb.conf file are:
> [global]
> printcap nbame = /etc/printcap
> load printers = yes
> [printers]
> comment = All Printers
> path = /var/spool/samba/public
> browseable = no
> printable = yes
> public = yes
> writable = no
> create mode = 0700
> [lp99]
> comment = test printer
> create mask = yes
> writable = yes
> public = yes
> guest ok = yes
> hosts allow = 172.16.
> printable = yes
> printing = lprng
> print command = /usr/bin/lpr -r -P%p %s
> lprm command = /tmp/lprm %p %j     # This script logs if it is called.  It
> never is.
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