[Samba] Using Office2000 with Samba (latest version)

Owens, Bob bowens at navtech.com
Thu Dec 12 18:52:00 GMT 2002

I'm not sure but I have not had any troubles with setting up the
administrative share on my samba box.  Just so you know it does work.
Everything looks correct.  Only thing I can think of if MS makes you have an
OpenLicense CD for the share because that is the one I used.  Sorry I don't
know but I don't think it is SAMBA.  Try setting up the share on your widows
share see ifs happening there too.

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I need your help.  I've searched the Internet and did a lot of experimenting
but I cannot get Office 2000 to work with Linux 7.3 and the latest-version
of Samba.  I had no problem with Office97 and other applications.  I used
the setup /a on a win2000 client to decompress the files so I could run
setup and install the applications on the Samba share.  The files will
install onto the Samba share okay but it also loads files on the client and
adds office to the registry.  In the client control panel of "add/remove
programs", it shows that office has been installed on the client2000 (the
full file size of Offifce2000).  If I uninstall Office 2000, the uninstall
works fine and also uninstalls the application on the Samba share.  I don't
want to have to go to each 2000 client to load Office which would defeat the
purpose of using a Samba share.


I have exhausted all avenues and I am under pressure to set up a Samba
server to serve applications, especially Office2000.  I want to show my
co-workers/leaders that Linux/Samba is the greatest but our organization is
reluctant to go to Linux.  I have already setup a pair of R.H. 7.3 with
Samba servers that are clustered using Heartbeat and RAID0 and it works
great.  I would appreciate any help you can provide or maybe point me in the
right direction.  If I can show how great Linux/Samba is, I want to replace
our mail, database and web servers with Linux.



Art Altizer


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