[Samba] What project should I use ?

Intrepid One trep at linuxmail.org
Thu Dec 12 17:25:00 GMT 2002

I KNOW this is not relating directly to SAMBA, but since the subject was raised =)
And for me, finding an application to do the job of EXCHANGE directly affects the decision to use SAMBA.
(Unless I plan on integrating Exchange into a UN*X network)

>Samsung Contact isn't too bad, but for the features it provides and the fact
>that it's just a follow on from HP's Openmail, they shouldn't really charge
>for it at all.

Major Question for Contact (for all servers actually):
Can Outlook run in Corporate Mode?
MS Outlook must continue to run in Corporate Mode, if not I lose most of its functionality.
(Bynari Insight Connector has been put down in this thread, so I won't use that to get the functionality).

>The best of the lot really is GMS (Gordano Messaging Suite -
>http://www.ntmail.co.uk/Home/Case_Studies.htm ) which unlike the others has
>been built from scratch and is well worth paying for.

%Repeat Samsung Contact question%

I contacted GMS by phone.  I wasn't expecting the strong UK accent though =P .
The sales rep. said that Outlook 2000 was fully compatible, but I would still like to hear this from someone who has used it.

>There are some promising looking products in the OSS community aswell
>(RM-EMS - http://sourceforge.net/projects/rhems/ , Kroupware -
>http://kroupware.kde.org/ and Courier - http://www.courier-mta.org/)
>It can also be achieved using the freely available singular parts (most of
>the commercial projects are based on free components with a few scripts to
>tie them together and a web based management interface).
>If you want to do it this way I'd suggest, OpenLDAP, Cyrus-IMAP and Exim.

I have looked at the Kroupware project but it is still in some of the planning stages.  It has government support, that's very promising (Germany).
I am looking to migrate in the next 6 months, or less.

Thought about brewing my own, but I still would not have Outlook in Corporate Mode.

I even thought of transitioning all desktops to Linux or *BSD and using an OSS Client (e.g. evolution).
But Linux and the OSS Community is not quite ready to support the legal community.
*Fully stable and powerful Word-Processing Program (Legal documents can get very complex).
*Case management system.  There will probably never be an OSS one.  But I am not aware of one that even runs on UN*X, and I am not about to write one.
*Host of other legal applications, that use some other proprietary database. (e.g. SoftPro, Bankruptcy Pro, different software depending on the type of law practices.)  If the wine project could manage to get access and all of the MS Windows Database drivers to transfer over then we would be in luck, as most of these apps are VB or VisualC frontends connected to some cheap database.
*Transcript Management Apps.  The one we use has an Access Backend. (By the way ACCESS SUCKS).
*List goes on...

Thanks for the dedication to OSS
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