[Samba] PDF printing problem - can't find Samba's spool file?

David Brodbeck DavidB at mail.interclean.com
Thu Dec 12 16:53:01 GMT 2002

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> From: Ben Griffith [mailto:bgriffit at email.unc.edu]

> It may be a "cups thing".
> If smb.conf has printing = cups, any manually set print 
> commands are ignored.

Yeah, I thought of that too, so I commented out the printing = cups line
(actually, the whole generic [printers] section.)  It still didn't work,

> Are there any hints in the cups logs?

The errors in the CUPS logs are all from before I made that change, and have
to do with it being unhappy with my old PDF printer (which was an lpd input
filter).  I don't get any CUPS errors with the current configuration.

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