[Samba] Problem with smbclient and domain logon

Jean-Paul ARGUDO jean.paul.argudo at pack-solutions.com
Thu Dec 12 15:26:01 GMT 2002

Sean Chambers wrote:
> also, in win2k when i open the run window and type : \\FILESERVER\ 
> <file://\\FILESERVER\>
> it opens a username/password box, if i put in sean and the password it 
> pops the box right up again. In the samba.log file it says something to 
> the effect of:
> Couldn't find user 'sean' in passdb

AFAIK, you have to create machine trust accounts in order to allow them 
to access your Samba PDC with a W2K workstation. After this, you create 
user accounts too.

There it is machinename$ to be used, not user$ :-)

Remember to add -d /dev/null and -s /bin/false to useradd command when 
creating Machine Trust Account. Also do a passwd -l "machinename$".
Then a smbpasswd -a -m "machinename$".

I can be more precise with a detailed example if you wish, but:
This is all very well explained in "Sam's teach yourself samba in 24 
hours", chapter 22, surely the best samba book I ever bought. ;-)


Jean-Paul ARGUDO

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