[Samba] Samba performance on the mainframe

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We too are using Samba as a File Server on our mainframe.  We have
experienced slowness, but I don't know that it's attributed to Samba
(atleast in our case).  One thing I do know is I took the same data, using
the same version of Samba (2.2.7) and installed it on an Intel PIII.  The
PIII performs better in terms of response time and file copy speed.  I
hesitate to mention it since I dont' have any hard proof or numbers.
I have yet to narrow down where the problem is, if you have any suggestions
or want to compare configurations let me know.

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Hey Team.. 

We notice that repeated file writes to the Samba server slows down under
moderate loading. Has anyone else had this fall off in performance and if
so, what did you do to correct it?

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