[Samba] Samba update FreeBSD

Jeroen Heijungs Jeroen.Heijungs at Het-Muziektheater.nl
Thu Dec 12 08:41:14 GMT 2002

Perhaps a rather stupid question, but I have not found the complete correct
way to upgrade a Samba installation on FreeBSD.
I always use the ports to install the newer version, but after a while I
discovered that the installation of the new version did not uninstall the
previous version, so when you look at the installed packages (pkg_info) you
can see all older versions, they can be uninstalled safely, because the
files are not there anymore, but I think that is not the correct way. 
There is not a command like "make upgrade" or something?

Jeroen Heijungs
Het Muziektheater

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