[Samba] What project should I use ?

Phil Brutsche phil at optimumdata.com
Thu Dec 12 05:28:01 GMT 2002

John H Terpstra wrote:
> Phil,
> One of the things that really spooked me while doing my benchmark tests is
> the impact made by the file system type. I forgot to make mention of that
> in my reply.
> Ext2fs is by far the fastest file system on Linux. Ext3fs is the slowest,
> ReiserFS is in between them. One of the things I want to do soon is to
> benchmark XFS and JFS against Ext2fs and Ext3fs.

Yes, I noticed.

I use ext3 because a fsck on a 200GB+ ext2 filesystem kinda kills the 
productivity of one's co-workers - especially sales reps who rely 
heavily on email and might as well go home for the rest of the day if 
they can't get to their IMAP mailboxes while fsck does it's job for a 
few hours (on some of my systems using the older & slower 3ware driver 
that we talked about fsck would run for 4 or 5 hours, hence my choice of 
ext3). [1]

All my performance tests used ext2 as a base, but were also done with 
ext3 just to see what a difference it would make.

I should also mention it makes a BIG difference what block device your 
ext3 journal resides on.

My (informal) testing is that, compared to ext2, XFS *feels* slower, and 
JFS *feels* faster.  I use neither, as NetBSD NFS clients don't seem to 
like 'em.

> In tests done recently Ext2fs gives more than 3 times the write I/O
> throughput of Ext3fs.

Depending on your tests, of course.  I can understand how ext3 vs ext2 
would make such a difference to dbench.

I didn't see much difference with bonnie.

[1] OK how's that for a long sentence :)


Phil Brutsche
phil at optimumdata.com

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