[Samba] Losing share connections?

John Blue jblue at bestpond.com
Thu Dec 12 02:44:12 GMT 2002

I seem to have Samba working generally (for a Linux newbie).

I am using SuSE 8.0 & Samba 2.2.3a and have a small network. 
Presently my main PC runs NT4.0 sp6a.

Using LinNeighborhood I can browse the NT PC from a linux PC, 
and have mounted the drives OK. In LinNeighborhood I set a 
preference to memorise mounted shares, remount on the startup.

What puzzles me is that after a period of inactivity, most often 
overnight, but also during the day after an hour or two. I lose these 
shares. I may go to copy or move a file via Konqueror from the NT 
PC to the SuSE PC and find I cannot see the files. I then need to go 
back to LinNeighborhood and remount the particular NT drives. 

I feel sure that this shouldn't be necessary and have been reading 
the How to's and troubleshooting guides, but I haven't as yet found 
an answer.

I still have a couple of other issues with my setup which I am working 
through with the excellent array of documentation available, but this 
one has me puzzled. Any help/advice or pointers to additional 
ReadMe m,aterial appreciated!


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